Boodles boosts security and beauty of its London Sloane Street showroom


Boodles has completed work on its London Sloane Street storefront, which includes a new fully glazed Warrior Doors sliding security door.

Boodles had already installed a Warrior Interlock on the rear entrance of their Knightsbridge showroom. The installation of the Interlock was partly in response to a smash-and-grab robbery that took place at the store in August 2017.


The rear of the store was subjected to another attempted raid in March 2018, after the Warrior Interlock door was installed. A gang tried to smash its way into the store using a 2.2 tonne Land Rover Discovery, but could not get through.

The more public front of Boodles, onto Sloane Street, needs to marry security with historic and opulent design.

Michael Wainwright, Boodles’ managing director, believes incorporating the the Warrior Sliding Door, fits the brief. “The Airlock door in Sloane Street is a huge success and as well as making the shop far more secure, it enhances the luxurious ambiance of the boutique. The fortified shopfronts have given us total reassurance that our stock – and more importantly our staff – are now far safer than ever before,” he says.




Warrrior Doors is a Birmingham-based firm that works with customers that need the most secure access solutions. Its work with the banking industry means that 40% of all cash in circulation in the UK is protected by Warrior Doors at secure facilities where money is counted and stored.

Its solutions for jewellers are designed to enhance the customer experience with elements like perfectly clear glass to enhance displays and mechanisms that make the doors ultra-light to open and close.

In the company’s 21 year history, only one attack on premises protected by a Warrior Doors solution has been successful, and that is when a 7.5 tonne truck was reversed into a shop front at the surrounding walls gave way.

Along with doors, the company offers in-store solutions including display vaults with 17mm glass that will prevent anybody smashing their way into the cabinets using a sledge hammer or axe.

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