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Bonds Of Brentwood launches newly updated website


The established luxury watch seller, jeweller and pawnbroking brand, Bonds of Brentwood, have completely revamped their website to make the company more appealing to online customers in the digital age.

The retailer’s newly updated website will be its online home from now on, bringing together the three parts of the business which previously had their own, separate web pages.


It will now be much easier to find what you are looking for online, whether it is to trade in a luxury watch, to purchase an eternity ring or to find well-respected pawnbroking services to secure some short-term finance.

The new site is in response to the growing trend of people preferring to shop online, but you can still come and visit Bonds in the heart of Brentwood by visiting their High Street shop.

A New Site For a Modern Age

Bondsofessex.co.uk has a clean design aesthetic. It is important to have a web presence that conveys the brand’s image and the sort of products and services that are on offer.

Bonds of Brentwood is a trading name that has become a byword for customer service excellence and fair dealing in and around the county of Essex for many years.

As mentioned, the high street presence of Bonds of Brentwood will remain. The renowned jewellery shop, situated in the heart of Brentwood on the High Street, will continue.

However, following the shift to a more online presence during recent years – something that has been accelerated by more web-based shoppers using the online store during lockdown – the management team at the company decided that Bonds of Brentwood would suit the three strands of the business as it continues to gain more and more traction with internet-based customers.

Expanding Horizons

According to the Bonds of Brentwood, the reason that there is now a shift to a more rationalised web presence is not simply to keep all sides of the business – luxury watches, jewellery sales and pawnbroking – under one digital roof.

It is important to establish Bonds as a brand name in a much bigger marketplace. Traditionally, Bonds of Brentwood has been an established brand name in southern Essex with many locals in Brentwood, Basildon and Romford well aware of the firm’s well-deserved reputation.

However, as more and more clients have been using the retailer’s web pages to make enquiries and purchases, brand awareness of the company has grown. This has led to a more regional presence with customers across the South-East of England turning to Bonds of Brentwood for its products and services. 

Indeed, there has been an upturn in sales nationally and internationally, and as a consequence, the decision was taken to renew the online presence and to bring all the elements of the company into a single new entity with its own design style.

The uniformity of the new website’s layout and content can be discovered immediately – whether clients are looking for a pawnbroker that they can interact with online, want to trade in a luxury watch they have for a newer model or are looking for some high-quality jewellery repair services.

Now, bonds of Essex offers everything under one brand identity in an easy-to-navigate website that is simple to use.

Jewellery, Luxury Watches and Pawnbroking

Of course, some of the elements of the new website are updated versions of what appeared on the old ones. Bonds will still offer a bespoke jewellery making service that can be coordinated online.

With the new sections of the website clients can discover for themselves just how to have their jewellery ideas turned into a reality by the skilled craftspeople at the firm.

For many years, Bonds of Brentwood has been taking the design ideas of its customers and making them into real items of top-quality jewellery. 

Whether this is for wedding bands, eternity rings, earrings, necklaces or brooches, this is a service that has been one of the highlights among the firm’s various offerings.

Much-loved by the people of Brentwood and surrounding areas, this bespoke jewellery design and production service can now be procured online by anyone who gets in contact and sends over their initial design ideas.

No matter how sketchy they might be, these designs can be fashioned into sumptuous items of jewellery and sent to the client directly with all of the customer service provided online.

Bonds Pawnbroker has become synonymous with fair dealing and transparency ever since the business first got going. However, much of the pawnbroking part of the business has traditionally taken place within the jewellery store on the High Street in Brentwood.

As more people have sought short-term financing by pawning some of their luxury items online, so the need for an updated and freshly designed website became more and more obvious for the company.

The new web design makes it much more obvious to clients how they can pawn their gold, diamonds, luxury goods and watches.

What’s more, the leading pawnbroker in Essex, as Bonds of Brentwood has become in recent years, can now offer its high-quality services to people from further afield with initial valuations and assessments made online.

Finally, it is worth mentioning that Bonds of Brentwood’s former luxury watch website will also be subsumed by the new site.

Here, clients will be able to browse some of the best-known names in luxury watchmaking today – such as Rolex, Breitling, Yaeger and Omega – and find the latest models at market-leading prices.

Bonds of Brentwood will also offer plenty of pre-owned luxury watches for sale as well as its extensive stock of unworn, brand new timepieces. Trading in, selling and pawning luxury watches will also be possible through the updated site.

A spokesman for Bonds of Brentwood said: “With the launch of our new site, we will bring the three parts of the business under one online brand, helping to build our presence in the virtual world in the way we have successfully done in the real one. We think the newly revamped website will be a big hit with all of our clientele, old and new.”

To find out more information please contact Bonds of Brentwood.


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