Blancpain backs ‘Planet Mediterranean’ expedition with Laurent Ballesta partnership


Blancpain is supporting the fifth Gombessa expedition in a continuation of its partnership with Laurent Ballesta.

Taking place in the Mediterranean off the French coast throughout July, the expedition combines saturation diving with scuba using closed circuit rebreathers.


The objective is to reveal the still well-kept secrets of a Mediterranean.

Laurent Ballesta is a marine naturalist, renowned underwater photographer and pioneer in the use of innovative diving equipment.

The brand says that since 2012, its support has enabled him to put his talents to good use within the framework of the Gombessa Expeditions project, designed to promote a better understanding of deep ecosystems, until now inaccessible and unknown.

The project has already resulted in four major expeditions, as well as additional missions to Reunion Island, the Philippines and Polynesia.

Blancpain confirmed that Laurent Ballesta contributes significantly to the activities of the Blancpain Ocean Commitment (BOC) around the world.

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