Bering Time supports polar bear protection organisation with fundraising watch


Scandinavian watch business Bering Time has been supporting polar bear conservation since 2011, and will be donating an additional $28,624 to Polar Bears International next week.

Polar Bears International (PBI) is the only nonprofit with a sole focus on polar bears and sea ice they depend on for their survival.


Bering supports the charity’s work with on projects including the conservation group’s maternal den studies in Svalbard that helps scientists better understand how to protect polar bear mothers and cubs during this vulnerable period of their life cycle.

Bering makes a limited edition watch on behalf of PBI, with $15 going to the nonprofit for every piece sold.



Bering Time has demonstrated an amazing commitment to help protect polar bear denning habitat and polar bear moms and cubs,” said Krista Wright, PBI ’s executive director. “As the Arctic warms and more industry moves into the North, understanding polar bear denning behavior is more important than ever. We’re grateful for their loyal and generous support.”

Michael Witt Johansen, founding partner and owner of Bering Time, will present a $28,624 check to Janet Stringer of Polar Bears International at the JCK Show in Las Vegas next week.

“The biosphere of the Arctic and the polar bears that live there in particular have always had a special significance for our brand,” Mr Witt Johansen explains. “The loss of this unique ecosystem would be tragic and irreparable. That’s why all humanity must make every effort to stop climate change and the associated melting of sea ice so that the population of this highly endangered predator can recover and survive.”

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  1. Please continue to protect the polar bears no matter what because we really need to save their Arctic homes and make sure that their ice platforms they depend on to find the seals they need to survive doesn’t disappear totally Otherwise they would disappear and there will be too many seals eating too many fish which would make them go extinct and we need our polar bears no matter what and we need to re-freeze the Arctic right away and prove that climate change is real as we all know. I did hear there was going to be a plan towards the fall of going to the Arctic to try and re-freeze it somehow. I hope it works and don’t give up because we really need those polar bears cause I like them and we depend on studying them if we are scientists that explore the Arctic.


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