Barker brothers retire from The Watch Lab that they built then sold to Aurum Holdings

Jonathan Barker, managing director of The Watch Lab.

Jonathan and Jeremy Barker are retiring from The Watch Lab, a business the brothers created in 2002.

Over the next 14 years, they built the business up into a nationwide chain of 15 watch repair and servicing centres before selling it to Aurum Holdings in 2016.

In a message to friends and industry colleagues posted on his LinkedIn page, Jonathan Barker said: “After eighteen and a half years of The Watch Lab, Jeremy and I are about to retire! TWL was started by myself in 2000 and my brother Jeremy Barker joined in 2002.


“Between us, we built the business to a national chain, the biggest and best watch repair company in the UK, and in 2016 sold it to the worlds largest retailer of Swiss watches Aurum Holdings.

“Are we proud? You bet we are!! How did we do it? Absolute belief, vision, blood, sweat, tears, hard work, risk taking, learning through failure, tenacity, a brilliant team, lots of laughs and plenty of banter.”

The entrepreneur also suggests he is ready for a new challenge. “So, now it’s a few weeks off to reflect and charge my batteries then I’m back for more action! I’m looking for exciting opportunities in exciting sectors,” he says.


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