Bape’s Rolex lookalikes raise questions about limits on intellectual property protection


Bape, a red hot Japanese streetwear brand, has created gold and silver-colored editions of its Bapex Type-3 watch line that are almost identical to Rolex’s iconic Cosmograph Daytona. 

Bape launched the Type-3 family a few years ago, creating pieces with the brand’s commonly-used camouflage on the dial. However the new pieces, which went on sale online on March 3, are instantly recogizable as Daytona lookalikes.

Bape’s Bapex Type-1 collection is also familiar to fans of Rolex’s Submariner range.

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WatchPro brought the Bapex watches to the attention of Rolex officials and asked whether they take action against companies creating products that resemble their collections. The company said it does not comment on other brands, and would not speak about intellectual property policies.


Spot the difference: Rolex’s Cosmograph Daytona and Bape’s Bapex Type-3.

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  1. I can see very clear differences between the two. I’m not sure that this is breaking copyright. Let’s face it, nowadays there are so many similarities between each brand you could even throw Omega and Breitling in the ring with that accusation

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