Bamford London learns Sesame Street sells


In an episode of Aaron Sorkin’s peerless The West Wing, President Bartlett’s wife and First Lady, Doctor Abigail Bartlett, is seen by press secretary C.J. Cregg as in need of a bit of positive publicity and decides that filming a segment with Sesame Street’s characters will do the trick.

Enter Big Bird, Elmo and a puppet Doctor for a scene in which Abigail carries out a medical examinations on them.


The lesson: Sesame Street sells.

This is not lost on Bamford London, which has expanded its collection of watches featuring licensed characters to the Sesame Street franchise.

Other watches recently created with licensed characters include Popeye and Peanuts pieces.

Bamford x Sesame Street watches include three models from the British watchmaker’s range.

A Bamford London dual time GMT has Big Bird on the dial (pictured top), a Bamford London Mayfair date carries Cookie Monster, and a Bamford London Mayfair Sport piece adopts Elmo.

“Who doesn’t love Sesame Street,” says George Bamford, founder of Bamford London.

“The brand has reached far and wide, and we are so happy to partner with Sesame Street and have these iconic characters on the dial of our watches. We love the wonderful nostalgia these characters provide and the splash of fun and colour which can brighten up your day when you look down at your wrist.”

The 40mm Big Bird GMT in blackened steel is limited to 20 pieces, and uses an automatic Sellita SW330-2 movement. It is priced at £1,600.

Cookie Monster appears in a watch with the same steel cushion-shaped case, but this time housing a Ronda 715 Date Quartz Movement.

It is a limited edition of 50 selling for £475.

Elmo’s watch also uses a quartz movement, the Miyota 2035, but in a red polymer case built around a steel core.

It has a production run of 50 and goes on sale this week for £400.

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