BA1110D watch start up created to prove the concept of afluendor sales and marketing


Thomas Baillod, who has worked for more than 15 years in the Swiss watch industry as international sales manager for brands including Maurice Lacroix and Louis Erard, has launched his own watch brand, BA1110D, as a living experiment for a new form of retail and distribution he calls afluendor marketing.

Mr Baillod says he developed the customer-centric concept that rethinks distribution in the digital era after realising that the Swiss watch industry was at a dead end.


BA1110D was launched last year to introduce the afluendor concept to established Swiss watch brands, but with little uptake Mr Baillod decided to create his own watches so that he could prove it works.

All BA1110D watches will be sold online at its own ecommerce site, but customers can become ambassadors and benefit every time somebody they have introduced to the brand buys a watch.

With the purchase of a BA111OD watch, the customer becomes an afluendor and receives four sales rights called Tokens.

Any future customer wishing to purchase a watch afterwards will have to contact an afluendor who will give him the right to buy.

After converting four Tokens into sales, the first customer will be able to choose an additional watch in the same chapter, which will be offered for free.

“We propose an ecosystem based on a direct and transparent relationship with and between customers who become consumer actors, interacting through a new balance between physical and digital,” Mr Baillod explains.

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  1. The revolutionary new idea is Amway. You are a buyer and a reseller. The only difference I see is you don’t even get a piece of your recruits’ action.

    • @Nathan indeed you do. You will discover it by simply visiting the company website. But the concept goes beyond the simple buyer-reseller model, it offers a new Phygital approach solving dead ends of The current distribution model.


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