Assetsure offers single item watch insurance


Assetsure, a UK Insurance intermediary and Lloyds of London cover-holder, has developed a new facility that insures watches under a separate policy, as opposed to the traditional method of obtaining cover under a home insurance contract.

Insuring a watch separately has a number of advantages for the owner. Cover is provided on a Worldwide All Risks basis and usually there is no need for any extra security to be installed at the home such as special locks, alarms or a safe. Secondly, in the event of a loss, any “no claims discount” earned under the home insurance will not be affected.

With values increasing on a regular basis, some watch owners can no longer obtain the cover they need from a standard home policy, especially if their insurer has low threshold limits for valuable items.


Why get involved?

James Farley, Managing Director of Assetsure, details some of the advantages for watch retailers of dealing with Assetsure, saying: “By making your customers aware of Assetsure, you will be introducing them to an insurance cover that in all probability they will be looking for anyway. In return for this, you will also be able to enjoy another revenue stream, free of administration and overheads. We pay commission on new business and for the lifetime of the policy as well as on any home insurance a customer might purchase at a later date." Farley continued, “We have no lengthy contracts or minimum levels of support and we pride ourselves on our service, which is borne out by our Independent Trustpilot reviews. We will delighted to speak to any retailer or manufacturer who wishes to discuss partnering with us”.

The Assetsure policy is underwritten at Lloyds of London. If you would like to discuss becoming an affiliate of Assetsure please email enquiries@assetsure.com or telephone 0207 305 5601


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