ASK THE EXPERT: How the right photography can drive ecommerce sales


RJ360 Photography was formed after a long and successful spell of working in the watch industry for Seiko primarily looking after the Lorus and Pulsar brands both for the independent jewellers and more long term, the ever important large national accounts and catalogue companies.

During my time in the sales field I noticed that photography and especially 360 degree videos were becoming ever more important to the industry and consumer primarily so that the watch is presented in such a way that the consumer can see all angles and images of the watch before buying online.

We all know how important online sales have become whether you’re an independent or national retailer as more and more consumers buy online than ever before, writes RJ360’s James Wilson.


Typically, in years gone past, companies have spent ever-increasing amounts of money on trade marketing campaigns that, at best, produce a break even scenario or small gain for a large outlay through the year and even bigger outlay at peak times like Christmas.

The beauty of improving your online presence with additional images and 360 videos is that firstly they are yours to keep and use continually whenever you wish and secondly the cost is much lower than traditional marketing activities. Of course you can also integrate the images and videos into your marketing campaigns as well so it is a win win.

You need your product to stand out online regardless of what that product is and more and more retailers are going down the 360 video route to entice those extra sales and customers to their products.

I have just finished shooting both the Lorus and Pulsar watch brands ranges with both additional images which include standard soldier shots and beauty shots and more importantly new and exiting 360 degree videos to upload across their estate.

Since leaving Seiko and starting up RJ360 Photography I have been approached by jewellers, clothes retailers and individuals who require either updated imaging for online or videos to really upgrade their online presence.

Typically we can turn around images and videos fairly quickly depending on the number of SKU’s and we also offer several ways of shooting. We ideally shoot at our studio but can on occasion arrange to shoot at the company’s premises and also offer a full nationwide collection & drop off service as well as being able to receive products by insured recorded post.

As with any new business we are committed to offering the best possible service both in the shooting of your products, the aftercare & ensuring you are 100% happy before you commit your hard earned funds to us.

We are also more than happy to shoot 1 initial product free of charge so you can see the benefits and quality of our work.

We see RJ360 photography going from strength to strength and look forward to hopefully working with more watch brands in the near future. Just get in touch and we will do the rest.


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    While this apparent advert disguised as news does seem to be simply copy/pasted (it appears from the tone and writing style that it wasn’t written by usual authors of WatchPro articles), the lack of editing is somewhat concerning.


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