Artem’s sailcloth strap offering goes from strength to strength


The story of Artem is founded in the heart of Adelaide and is a story of two friends with a passion for horology.

The duo behind the brand are keen on the human element of watchmaking and say the idea was formed given the stock watch strap was never enough for them.


In taking that concept and turning it into a business, the pair explained: “We had to make the watch uniquely ours, and what better way to achieve this than with a high quality sailcloth watch strap.”

They continue: “During our search for the ultimate aftermarket watch strap, it became apparent that sailcloth straps offered by most retailers are more of an afterthought. Whilst these products failed to pass our litmus tests, they did provide motivation for us to create something truly special. In search for that “something”, we embarked on a journey of R&D and many sleepless nights, leading to the genesis of Artem.”

On the philosophy which drives the brand, a focus on products being made to embody the artisan and having fine engineering to define the functionality is what the business strives to achieves in what it delivers to customers.

Artem sailcloth watch straps are designed and tested to ensure the highest level of comfort and functionality.

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