Alexander Shorokhoff lights up NEVA collection splashing colour on new models


In 2019, Alexander Shorokhov sketched the new model “NEVA” during a business trip to Saint Petersburg.

He has since explained how he was inspired by the European River Neva; a 74 km long river in Russia, which flows from Lake Ladoga into the Neva Bay of the Baltic Sea, passing through Saint Petersburg.


From this inspiration, the wavy guilloché of the dial was created and transferred to the upper and slightly smaller dial. There, the hour markers are punched out with the lower dial bearing the “Alexander Shorokhoff” logo.

Originally available in blue when the initial release was launched in February, the brand has new released further models with splashes of colour including green and yellow.

For the movement a Russian caliber 3105.Poljot is used, which is derived from the Swiss Valjoux caliber 7734, but without chronograph function.


For this collection, the movement is completely overhauled, re-oiled, adjusted and tested at the “Alexander Shorokhoff” watch manufacture. The bridges, as always with “Alexander Shorokhoff” watches, are hand-engraved or cloud-cut, and the screws are polished.

It can also all be viewed through the sapphire crystal back.The movements are no longer reproduced today but AS did manage to secure a limited quantity and produces this series in a small limited number.

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Alexander Shorokhoff
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