Albanian gangsters openly flaunt luxury watches on Instagram


One of London’s most notorious criminal gangs is openly flaunting pictures of luxury watches on its Instagram page alongside drugs, guns and huge amounts of cash.

Today’s The Times reports that the Hellbanianz gang operates from Barking, East London, and is one of a number of organised criminal groups associated with a surge in drug trafficking and a rise in violent crime.

The gang openly brags about its lifestyle on social media accounts followed by thousands of people, despite laws prohibiting the glamorising of violence and crime.

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Facebook’s rules say they “prohibit people from promoting or publicising violent crime, theft and/or fraud”.

Police say Albanian gangs have been associated with the rising incidence of knife crime in London and other parts of the UK.

It is not clear whether they are also linked to armed robberies by moped gangs in London.

Images show large numbers of what appear to be Rolex and other prestige watches, many still with makers’ tags on. The watches could be stolen or bought using the proceeds of crime.


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