Accurist sold to Sekonda parent company


Sekonda’s parent company Time Products Ltd has bought Accurist Watches.

The sale marks the first time control of the Accurist business has moved outside of the Loftus family since they founded the company in 1947.

Time Products Ltd, owned by Marcus Margulies, is the parent company of Sekonda, Marcus of Bond Street, Almar and Limit watches which gives the company considerable reach at the lowest and highest price points of the watch retail market.


Marcus Margulies, owner of Time Products Ltd, stated: “We are very happy to announce the purchase by Time Products (UK) Ltd of the Accurist Watch business. The Marguilies and Loftus families have know each other for over fifty years and recognise the benefits that will stem from the merger of these two very famous brands.
Andrew Loftus and David Merriman will be working together to ensure that a very smooth transition will take place. It is the wish of both companies to build on the reputation that the two brands have had over very many years, based on customer service, value and quality.”


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