Skulls circled by liquid-filled tube tell the time for HYT’s SOONOW watches


The beauty of HYT’s micro-fluidic module and movement, which displays the time using different coloured liquids pushed around a glass capillary, is that the watchmaker can make the tube into any shape, and therefore produce an infinite number of dial designs.

Regulars to WatchPro will know how HYTs work. Two liquids of different colours that do not mix (think oil and water) show the time at the point the two liquids touch.


Miniature bellows that push the liquids around the capillary are driven by a mechanical movement not dissimilar to those that beat within more traditional watches.

The latest outing for the technique is in the SOONOW by HYT, which wraps the time-telling tube around a skull made of 313 18ct gold pins.

There are two versions, one using green liquid and the other blue. HYT is making just 25 of each.

Their titanium dials have a seconds indicator disc nestling in the skull’s left eye while the right eye is used to show a 65 hour power reserve count down.

SOONOW watches will come in stainless steel 48.8mm cases with DLC coating. They are 20.08mm high.

LTDE Ltd is the official UK agent for HYT.


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