2018 SHOWSTOPPER WATCHES OF THE YEAR: Ulysse Nardin Freak Vision


It is rare these days for a completely new watch architecture to come along, but that is what we felt we witnessed at SIHH when Ulysse Nardin unveiled its very first Freak watch, the Freak Vision.

What normally happens next with innovation of this kind is that a handful of pieces are made before a company realises it is far too expensive to make and take to market.

Ulysse Nardin took a different tack, and doubled-down on its investment with a string of additional Freak models throughout this year, with this featured Freak Out our personal favourite.


They all use versions of the same in-house manual-wind caliber UN-205, which drives a watch with no crown, dial or hands.

The hour is shown on a flying carousel tourbillon that rotates on its own axis and is wound by what the company calls a pepper grinder twister on the back of the watch.


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