2018 SHOWSTOPPER WATCHES OF THE YEAR: Bovet 22 Grand Récital


Winner of this year’s GPHG Aiguille D’Or prize, the ultimate prize in watchmaking, this celestial mechanical masterpiece has a 9-day flying tourbillon, tellurium-orrery and retrograde perpetual calendar.

The watch is the third chapter of a series of celestial pieces from Bovet owner Pascal Raffy that began two years ago, and incorporates accurate timekeeping depictions of the sun, earth, and moon.

The sun is represented by the flying tourbillon, the earth rotates on its own axis and shows the hours on a natural 24-hour cycle and a spherical moon orbits the earth once every 29.53 days.


At CHF 468,500 for each of the 60 made, the red gold, 46mm watch is, and we mean this sincerely, a genuine bargain.


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