2017 Watch Trends Part 3: In the Pink, Catwalk Continuity and Carbon Construction


After a week at Baselworld studying the 2017 collections of 100 watch brands, WatchPro managing editor Rob Corder shares his thoughts on what the market has learned with a roundup of the top trends we think retailers could profit from that we saw at the fair.

Here we feature the third set of three including In the Pink, Catwalk Continuity and Carbon Construction.


The fashion world is abuzz with shades of pink this season.

Whether that continues beyond summer, when we may see more autumnal hues is harder to predict, but the prevalence of pink at Baselworld suggests it will.

Even rose gold has been renamed pink gold by some brands.

Olivia Burton, always on the pulse of current fashion trends for its watches and jewellery, has gone all out with pink, but we have picked out Gc’s Cablechic line to illustrate the trend because it presents three different versions of the colour – ranging from dusky pink to coral.


Fashion houses lend their names to watch brands but rarely push their most outrageous style ideas on licensees producing their timepieces.

This means brands such as Vivienne Westwood, which has its watch brands designed and manufactured by Zeon, allow interpretations that are more commercial than their catwalk designs would be.

This year saw a change of tactics by Gucci, with a number of watch launches featuring some of the more challenging design ideas of its haute couture brand.

The Gucci Timeless collection has models in cherry red and emerald green along with more accessible SKUs like the white editions pictured here that pick up symbols and echoes of nature from catwalk fashion in their hour markers and dial engraving.


Carbon was an increasingly common material for watch cases among Richemont brands exhibiting at January’s SIHH. At Baselworld, the lightweight, ultra-strong material was seen again.

Two of the models we most admired were the latest I.N.O.X Carbon from Victorinox and The Graham Chronofighter Superlight Carbon Skeleton.

The I.N.O.X Carbon is made from a carbon resin composite that has protected space shuttles from re-entry temperatures in excess of 1,260°C. Durable materials and construction along with dependable functionality are designed to make the company’s watches attractive to adventure-lovers.

The 47mm Graham Chronofighter Carbon Skeleton’s carbon composite case houses a G1790, automatic skeleton chronograph which gives a view of the balance wheel and escapement. Paired with a black rubber strap, the watch is muscular and masculine.



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